The Institute has a number of well-equipped laboratories, which allows to operate at various levels of the process of research and technological innovation. The “Facilities” section of the website offers a complete and detailed tour of these valuable resources.
In addition to this, ICMATE wants to propose a journey that, from week to week, will lead to the discovery of its vast technology park.

This week's featured laboratories

    • Arc Melting System "MAM-1"-Bühler for melting highly reactive metals and with very high melting temperatures (up to T [Simbolo] 3000 °C);
    • Induction generator (10kW) for alloys preparation;
    • Resistance furnace CARBOLITE-SPLIT (T max ≅ 1100 °C);
    • Microhardness measuring instrument Micro indenter Leica VM HT MOT.