The Director carries out assigned tasks (see Article 9 in the Rules of Organization and Operation of CNR) with the collaboration of Organizative Units Responsibles, of technical and administrative support units, as well as of the Board of Institute.
Dr. Lidia Armelao
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    +39 049 829 5851
    +39 049 827 5236
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    +39 049 829 5853
    +39 049 827 5227
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    • Director of Research at CNR, National Research Council of Italy.
    • Degree in Chemistry cum laude (1990) and PhD in Chemical Sciences (1994) at the University of Padua (Italy).
    • Post-doc fellow in Paris at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (1995) and Visiting scientist at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) (2005-2009, 2011).
    • Since 2015 she is President of the Research Area of CNR in Padua.
    • Since 2016 she is a member of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
    • She is lecturer of Chemistry of Inorganic Materials at the University of Padua.
    • The scientific activity is mainly developed across the areas of inorganic chemistry, molecular systems and materials, with particular focus on the design, soft-synthesis and study of composition-structure-properties relationships of innovative metallo-supramolecular architectures, surfaces and nanosystems of interest in the fields of energetics, photonics and nanomedicine.
    • She was awarded the Enimont Prize for Chemistry (1990).
    • She is coauthor of more than 160 publications in ISI journals (H = 32).


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        Journal of Catalysis 2015, 321, 13-22
      • S. Quici, A. Casoni, F. Foschi, L. Armelao, G. Bottaro, R. Seraglia, C. Bolzati, N. Salvarese, D. Carpanese, A. Rosato
        Folic Acid-Conjugated Europium Complexes as Luminescent Probes for Selective Targeting of Cancer Cells
        Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2015, 58, 2003–2014
      • M. Rancan, J. Tessarolo, S. Quici, L. Armelao
        Post-assembly guest oxidation in a metallo-supramolecular host and structural rearrangement to a coordination polymer
        Chemical Communications 2014, 50, 13761-13764
      • G. Bottaro, F. Rizzo, M. Cavazzini, L. Armelao, S. Quici
        Efficient luminescence from fluorene- and spirobifluorene-based lanthanide complexes upon near-visible irradiation
        Chemistry - A European Journal 2014, 20, 4598-4607
      • L. Armelao, F. Heigl, P.-S.G. Kim, R.A. Rosenberg, T.Z. Regier, T.-K. Sham
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        Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2012, 116, 14163-14169.