The Enrico Fermi Schools are a highly prestigious series of summer schools of the Italian Physical Society with a tradition of more than 60 years and with many Nobel laureates as lecturers (

The school "Advances in Thermoelectricity: Foundational Issues, Materials, and Nanotechnology” aims to provide students with a modern vision of the physics of thermoelectric phenomena.

Our colleague ICMATE dr. Carlo Fanciulli, is the Scientific Secretary of the School and will be a School Lecturer.

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24th – 26th June 2019, Castellon (Spain)

These are a series of international conferences under the auspices of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action - NANOUPTAKE (CA15119, Focuses of ICNf 2019 include production and characterization of nanofluids and liquid-based nanocomposites, nanofluid-based heat transfer and storage of thermal energy, as well as industrial applications.

Dr. Simona Barison, ICMATE CNR, is a member of the Scientific Committee and will be glad to provide information on the Conference.

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Organized by a committee chaired by doctor Marco Musiani, ICMATE CNR, and professor Francesco Paolucci, Bologna University and ICMATE associate, the 69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) has taken place in Bologna, on 2-7 September 2018. The participation of 2033 delegates, from 55 countries, has been the largest in the ISE history.

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