• Project name:
    ANFISOL   -   Design and development of superamphiphobic coatings with self-cleaning properties for solar panels
  • ICMATE involved researchers:
    Michele Ferrari
    Francesca Cirisano
    Paolo Piccardo   (UNIGE-ICMATE ASSOCIATE)
  • Starting date, ending date and duration:
    March 2018 - June 2020   (27 months)
  • Project funding:
    Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo
  • Links:

The goal of ANFISOL is to intervene on photovoltaic panels state of the art, manufactured and marketed by a local industrial company, to improve its performance in terms of efficiency and durability with an increase in economic output with industrial implementation economically sustainable. The action provide to act mainly on the front element of the solar modules (tempered glass) in order to increase their performance. The work will be start from the efficiency similar or higher than expected by the state of the art and working on the maintenance of that performance over time, to maximize the annual energy production with respect to a panel of equal starting performance but not treated.

  • In addition to ICMATE-CNR, the project involves UNIVERSITÀ GENOVA DCCI Laboratory of Metallurgy and Materials, CNR-IMAMOTER (Turin) and FERRANIA SOLIS S.R.L.
  • ICMATE is the project leader and is involved in activities 1, 2 and 4.

Activity description

The project will develop along four main working lines:

  • Preparation of amphiphobic surfaces
  • Characterization of surfaces
  • Study of the coatings wear properties under ambient conditions simulated and real
  • Coordination of activities, dissemination of results and actions to improve the visibility of Compagnia San Paolo.