The main tasks of the staff of the Administrative Secretariat pertaining to the economic and financial resources management are:

  • consulting and technical and legal assistance in the negotiation and in the stipulations of contracts of research and technological development or of agreements with third parties or of service contracts (instrumental analysis or product commercialization);
  • advice and assistance to Director and Project Managers on programming activities, in the formulation of the budget, in the preparation of financial reports for CNR or for national and international projects or contractors, in processing and analysis of economic data related to research and technological development activities;
  • income management, with particular care on financial and tax issues;
  • costs management by applying the regulation on Procurement Code (D. Lgs. n . 163/2006).

The activity in human resource management focuses on recruiting, managing, training and wage treatment (including tax and social security):

  • recruitment of employees with employment contracts at the expense of internal funds and/or external funding;
  • obligations for the activation of contracts with unstructured personnel, from the preparation of the tender to the formation and liquidation of the remuneration, for research fellows and associated personnel;
  • assistance and advice to the personnel on matter of tax-benefit aspects of the employment relationship;
  • management of the personnel in service for the aspects related to the application of the national collective bargaining agreement - sector of Institutions and R&E Organizations (absences, leave, sickness, mobility, secondments, transfers, resignations);
  • expertise in economic treatment of the mission and transfers of the personnel;

Also, the administration provides legal assistance activities to management and to the Delegates of secondary offices within the institutional functions provided according to the legislation from time to time in force, paying organizational and administrative support in the following areas:

  • relations with other institutions (Ministries, Regions, Local Authorities, Universities, etc.)
  • relations with institutional governing bodies of the CNR (Presidency, General Management, Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, Audit Committee, Evaluation Committee, Board of Institute, ..)
  • relations with the independent assessment body of the CNR performance and with the evaluation Panels of the CNR Institutes;
  • relations with other scientific institutions, in particular by actively collaborating in the organization of national and international events.