The Institute has a number of well-equipped laboratories, which allows to operate at various levels of the process of research and technological innovation. The “Facilities” section of the website offers a complete and detailed tour of these valuable resources.
In addition to this, ICMATE wants to propose a journey that, from week to week, will lead to the discovery of its vast technology park.

This week's featured laboratories

The metallographic laboratory enables for the preparation of metallic and ceramic specimens for the observation/analysis with both optical or electronic microscope.

The system SEM + EDS + IA (Image Analysis, Auto ­ Soft Imaging System) allows for the observation of conducting and/or insulating and biological samples, to perform localized qualitative and quantitative analyses, starting from Boron. Image analysis provides dimensional information.

    • Specimens preparation
      • Semiautomatic polishing machines;
      • Vibrating Bühler VIBROMET polishing machine;
      • Sputtering machines;
      • Diamond saw cutting machines.

    • Microscopy
      • Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (VP-SEM) equipped with backscattered electrons detector and EDS microanalysis;
      • Metallographic optical microscope ZEISS AX10;
      • Optical microscopy system for the study of emulsions.