The Institute has a number of well-equipped laboratories, which allows to operate at various levels of the process of research and technological innovation. The “Facilities” section of the website offers a complete and detailed tour of these valuable resources.
In addition to this, ICMATE wants to propose a journey that, from week to week, will lead to the discovery of its vast technology park.

This week's featured laboratories

The lab houses gasdynamic accelerators of dust and small projectiles such as two-stage light gas guns (hypervelocity, order of several km/s) and single stage guns (low speeds, in the range 1 – 100 m/s). Laser based diagnostics are used for accurate velocity measurements. Images of projectile impacts on targets can be taken by synchronized photographic systems.

The lab also comprises a high-enthalpy pulsed supersonic/hypersonic tunnel, capable of simulating high speed flight conditions (Mach numbers in the range 3 – 8). The test chamber may contain aerodynamic components or small-scale complete “airbreathing” engines such as ramjet and scramjets, whose aerodynamic and propulsion characteristics can be evaluated and optimised.

Hypersonic tunnel

    • Force, pressure temperature sensors and multi-channel acquisition systems;
    • Two-stage compressor (OLMEVA, 200 bar);
    • Vacuum pumps (LEYBOLD, one/two stages, 4 - 200 m3/h);
    • Turbo-molecular vacuum pumps;
    • DIAS (Digital Image Acquisition System) - Single bit, 300 pixels matrix, up to 1 Mfps, 2000 frames storage (home made, 1990 patent);
    • Camera MAMIYA with complete set of photographic lens;
    • Video camera CCD COHU;
    • Low power He-Ne lasers.