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The research activity of the group in Milan has been focusing in the field of high temperature alloys since the early ‘70 gaining an extensive experience in lifetime investigation involving creep, stress relaxation, low cycle and thermo-mechanical fatigue and crack propagation testing.

A considerable experience has been achieved in examination of mechanical properties and microstructure in a wide range of materials mainly for high temperature applications, such as wrought alloys for gas turbine disks, conventionally cast, directionally solidified, single crystal alloys for coated and uncoated blades and vanes, creep resistant titanium alloys, TiAl base intermetallic compounds and oxide dispersion strengthened alloys (ODS).

Experimental results, if not protected by confidential agreements, are used in the frame of either national or international programs. Three main areas can be named:

  • Constitutive equation development able to describe the mechanical behaviour of materials and to be used for components’ design;
  • Support to new alloys development;
  • Damage and deformation mechanisms analysis.
  • Creep test
  • Low cycle fatigue test

    • H. H. Shi; J. S. Hou; J. T. Guo; L. Z. Zhou; M. Maldini; G. Angella; R. Donnini; D. Ripamonti
      Microstructure evolution and its influence on deformation mechanisms during tensile creep of DD417G alloy
    • Giuliano Angella, Riccardo Donnini, Dario Ripamonti and Maurizio Maldini
      The role of particle ripening on the creep acceleration of Nimonic 263 superalloy
    • M. Maldini, V. Lupinc, G. Angella
      Influence of Gamma Prime Evolution on the Creep Behaviour of SX Nickel Base Superalloys
    • G. Angella, M. Maldini and V. Lupinc
      Analysis of creep behaviour of TiAl-8Ta intermetallic alloy
    • M. Maldini, G. Angella, V. Lupinc
      Analysis of Creep Curves of Haynes 230 Superalloy

    • Ansaldo Energia
    • Institute of Metal Research - Chinese Academy of Sciences