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3D catalytic systems obtained through the deposition of Pd, Pt or Rh nanoparticles onto Ni or Fe-Cr-Al alloy foams are effective toward both electrochemical processes and gas phase oxidation reactions.

Nanostructured catalysts are prepared by electrodeposition or galvanic displacement. Their characterization is performed to measure noble metal loading and surface area, morphology and crystal structure of deposits and aging effect under usage conditions. Excellent activity was observed for the following processes:

  • Rh-modified Ni foam toward catalytic partial oxidation (CPO) of CH4-H2 mixtures.
  • Pd-modified Fe-Cr-Al foam toward low temperature abatement of CO and CH4 (catalytic combustion).
  • Rh-modified Fe-Cr-Al foam toward catalytic partial oxidation (CPO) of CH4.
  • Pt-modified Fe-Cr-Al foam toward oxidation of methanol.

    fecralloy noble metals catalytic combustion methane methanol CO

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    • Project MiSE “Valutazione e utilizzazione dei biocombustibili ottenuti da residui o scarti agricoli di scarso valore intrinseco e di alghe per l’applicazione in impianti di cogenerazione basati su microturbine” – Accordo di Programma CNR – MiSE per il sistema elettrico.

    • In the frame of the MiSE project there is an ongoing collaboration with IRC CNR Napoli, focused on the study of catalysts for catalytic combustion and partial oxidation of hydrocarbons.