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The electric micro-generation is gaining an increasing interest in the last years both for off-grid systems and for energy harvesting applications. In particular, starting from our skills and expertise in the field of microcombustion, the interest is now moving towards the development of co-generative and energy recovery systems based on Peltier cells.

Concerning off-grid application, catalytic combustion micro-generators can be used to fuel micro-systems for environment monitoring. As for energy harvesting, the use of thermoelectric modules can provide an interesting energy recovery from domestic sources to power small scale monitoring or regulating systems to be used in different applications (improve efficiency, safe monitoring, environmental monitoring...).

The research activity concerns the development and characterization of a micro-generation system consisting in a catalytic micro-scale combustor coupled with thermoelectric modules. In particular, for the characterization of the meso-scale combustor, temperature measurements at the wall and gas concentration at the exhaust are carried out for chemical efficiency evaluation.
The coupling with thermoelectric modules is then properly performed and the device is characterized in terms of overall thermal efficiency. The system scale reduction and the thermal range extension are objects of the current activity.

    thermo-electric generator portable energy production micro-device

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      accettato per pubblicazione su Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science.
    • L. Merotto, C. Fanciulli, R. Dondè, S. De Iuliis
      Study of a thermoelectric generator based on a catalytic premixed meso-scale combustor
      accettato per pubblicazione su Applied Energy.
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      Study of the performance of a catalytic premixed meso-scale burner
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    • INTEGRATE: Innovazioni Tecnologiche per una gestione razionale del tessuto edilizio (Accordo Quadro di collaborazione Regione Lombardia – CNR) (2013-2015)

    • Politecnico di Milano
    • CNR-ITC