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Hybrid Systems obtained through the alternation of semiconducting inorganic nano-particles (CdSe, PbSe) and organic semiconducting oligo-poly-conjugated molecules, bearing proper functionalization, were prepared.
By means f the Layer-by-Layer technique (LBL), self-assembled materials, organized as thin films on conductive and transparent surfaces, were prepared for Organic Photovoltaic applications (OPV). The materials combine the properties of both organic and inorganic semiconductors, but they have the advantage of being more flexible than the usually employed inorganic semiconductors and more resistant against oxidative degradation than the organic ones.

    • Self-Assembling
    • Spectroscopic Techniques UV-vis, FT-IR
    • Classic Electrochemical Techniques (Cyclic Voltammetry, Chronoamperometry, Chronopotenziometry)
    • Photoelectrochemical Techniques
    • T. Virgili, A. Calzolari, I. Suárez López, B. Vercelli, G. Zotti, A. Catellani, A. Ruini, F. Tassone
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    • B. Vercelli, G. Zotti, A. Berlin, T. Virgili
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    • B. Vercelli, G. Zotti, A. Berlin
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    • Progetto quadro Regione Lombardia/CNR “Tecnologie e materiali per l’utilizzo efficiente dell’energia solare” decreto 3667/2013.

    • Istituto CNR di Fotonica e Nanosistemi di Milano (Dr. Tersilla Virgili)
    • Istituto CNR di Scienze e Tecnologie Molecolari di Milano (Dr. Anna Berlin)
    • Istituto CNR NANO di Modena (Dr. Arrigo Calzolari, Dr. Alice Ruini, Dr. Alessandra Catellani)
    • Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia di Milano (Dr. Francesco Tassone)