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The research group of Dr. Barreca has an internationally recognized know-how in the fabrication and modification of nanoarchitectures with variable dimensionality by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), either thermal- or plasma-enhanced (PE-CVD), Radio Frequency (RF)-Sputtering and their original combinations. In this regard, attention is also devoted to the synthesis of molecular precursors, endowed with high volatility, stability to air/moisture and clean decomposition patterns under both CVD and PE-CVD conditions.

The developed systems, subjected to an advanced thorough characterization, are investigated as multi-functional platforms for sustainable end-uses, ranging from the molecular detection of flammable/toxic gases, encompassing photo-activated applications (H2 production, environmental remediation, self-cleaning and anti-fogging systems).
The group is, or has been, recently involved in various national and international projects in the field of inorganic nanomaterial design, characterization and functional investigation, among which:

  • NMP4-SL-2012-310333: “Water Oxidation Nanocatalysts for Sustainable Solar Hydrogen Production through Visible-Light Activity” (SOLAROGENIX) (
  • FP7-PEOPLE-ITN-2008-238409 “European Research Training Network of New Materials: Innovative Concepts for their Fabrication, Integration and Characterisation” (ENHANCE) (
  • INSTM- Regione Lombardia project “Solar activation of nanocomposites based on metals and oxides for the sustainable hydrogen production and wastewater purification” (ATLANTE).
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  • Re-adapted from: RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 32174.

Despite being composed by only 4 young scientists, the group has a first-class track record, corresponding to 101 publications on ISI International Journals, 20 other publications, 3 national and international patents and 110 conference communications (of which 17 invited lectures/seminars), only in the period 2010-2015.

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