Static and dynamic measurements of surface tension and wettability on liquid alloys and/or ceramic materials as a function of temperature and working atmosphere. Wettability and density measurements of both pure metals and liquid alloys. Evaluation of the surface oxidation state.

    • Equipments operating up to 1600 °C in a vacuum or controlled atmospheres for measurements of surface tension, wettability, vapor-liquid and solid-liquid interactions of metallic and ceramic systems and for joining processes. The devices are equipped with measuring systems of the oxygen partial pressure, gas flow control, mass spectrometer, real time sample image acquisition and processing;
    • Induction furnace with graphite heater for measurements in reducing static atmospheres up to T≈1600 ° C. Temperature control through optical pyrometer;
    • Furnace with platinum heater (Tmax ≅ 1200 °C) with ionic sputtering and four solid state electrodes for measurements as a function of oxygen partial pressure;
    • Furnace with molybdenum silicide heater (Tmax ≅ 1550 °C), working chamber in alumina double tube with controlled composition gas flow in the cavity; control of the oxygen content in the inlet and outlet of the working atmosphere;
    • Furnace with tungsten heater (Tmax  1500 °C) for measures under a vacuum or inert gas atmospheres.
    • 3 Apparatus for the study of corrosion by liquid metals equipped with solid state electrode for measuring the oxygen content in the metal bath (T max ≅ 1000 °C);