The metallographic laboratory enables for the preparation of metallic and ceramic specimens for the observation/analysis with both optical or electronic microscope.

The system SEM + EDS + IA (Image Analysis, Auto ­ Soft Imaging System) allows for the observation of conducting and/or insulating and biological samples, to perform localized qualitative and quantitative analyses, starting from Boron. Image analysis provides dimensional information.

    • Specimens preparation
      • Semiautomatic polishing machines;
      • Vibrating Bühler VIBROMET polishing machine;
      • Sputtering machines;
      • Diamond saw cutting machines.

    • Microscopy
      • Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (VP-SEM) equipped with backscattered electrons detector and EDS microanalysis;
      • Metallographic optical microscope ZEISS AX10;
      • Optical microscopy system for the study of emulsions.