Observation of inorganic, organic and biological samples on solid support in air and liquid with atomic resolution in STM and AFM mode.
Surface diagnostics (BAM, ellipsometry and AFM) for the mechanical, thermodynamic and structural characterization of mixed interfacial layers at liquid interfaces. Microhardness and surface roughness measurements.

    • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM);
    • Brewster angle microscopy (BAM) /even on Langmuir balance;
    • Ellipsometry /even on Langmuir balance;
    • 3D Sensofar S-Neox non-contact optical profilometer (confocal + interferometric + focus variation) with resolution of the order of nm for the analysis of opaque or transparent surfaces and the measurement of thin films thickness;
    • Microhardness measuring instrument Micro indenter Leica VM HT MOT.