Part of laboratories is dedicated to muffles and furnaces for high temperature treatments, by which it is possible to carry out treatments both in static air in controlled atmosphere, under a stream of inert or reactive gas or in vacuum.
The furnaces have both cubic chamber (for treatments in static air) or tubular, which are more suitable for treatments in inert flux gas or vacuum or reactive (e.g. H2 containing atmosphere).

The treatments can be performed on a wide range of materials, except for reactive, flammable or explosive compounds. The furnaces can accomodate powders or solids that go to occupy at most the volume of a cube of side 7 cm.
The maximum temperatures reached are 1200 ° C and 1650 ° C with ovens cubic chamber, while 1600 ° C for tubular chamber.

    • Nabertherm HT 04/17
    • Linn VMK 80
    • Memmert UFE 500
    • Elite TSH 16/50/610
    • Nabertherm RHTH 120/600/16