Via all'Opera Pia, 15
    16145 - Genoa
    • Powder technology
      • Glove box
      • Equipment for automatic sieving
      • Low and high energy ball mill
      • Freeze drying

    • Shaping of ceramic materials
      • Wet powder spraying (WPS) of aqueous and non aqueous ceramic suspensions
      • Tape casting
      • Screen Printing
      • Uniaxial die pressing of ceramic pellets
      • High-temperature furnaces (Tmax = 1600 °C) for sintering under controlled atmosphere

    • Characterization of solid state electrochemical devices
      • Test benches for electrochemical characterization of half and complete cell configurations, composed by: H2 generator (Claind), mass flow controllers (Bronkhorst), moisture analyser (MicroView), high temperature Rig (commercial - Probostat, or customised – RLT), electrometer, potentiostats and impedance meters (IVIUMSTAT, Solartron 1255+1286, Autolab), boosters (IVIUM, Autolab).