• The plastic deformation lab is designed for testing hot and cold working of metals or metallic composites on a pilot scale (ranging few grams to some kilograms of weight).
    Square or rectangular section can be obtained through pressing and/or rolling procedures. Thickness from some millimeters down to several microns can be obtained. Also round section, i.e. wires can be produced: drawing facilities are available through which wires of only 25 micron diameter can be produced, by means of special diamond dies

      • Rolling mills for bars (MDM Ariete, 28-16mm) and sheets (Cosmova LS300, 48-1mm)
      • Constant speed finishing rolling mills for wires and sheets (MDM200, MDM120, Cavallin100)
      • Variable speed finishing mills for sheets (MDM Quanto, Cosmova LS120)
      • Single step Drawing machine, for wire 6-1mm
      • Multi-step drawing machines for thin wires (down to 25um)
      • Hydraulic presses (100tonn and 120tonn)
    Deformation plastic lab with presses, rolling mills, and furnaces
    The two thin wire multiple step drawing machines

    Rolls with different shapes, for MDM200 rolling mill.
    Hot rolling of a flat product

    Rolled and drawed product examples
    Flat products examples

    25 micron die and 25 micron wire
    MDM Quarto rolling mill: detail of the supporting and working rolls
  • In addition to the materials processing in bulk form, it is possible to operate even on powders. In particular, a powder metallurgy laboratory is available, equipped with a planetary ball milling facility, able to range with energy from milling to mechanical activation and alloying of the powders.
    Customized dies and special processes, like ECAE (equal channel angular extrusion) or ODP (open die pressing), has been designed to be used both on bulk and powder materials, in order to induce chemical and structural refinement in the materials processed.

      • Fritsch Pulverisette 4 planetary mill. Rotational speed of the grinding bowls and supporting disk can be configured separately. Provided with 2 working stations, for grinding bowls up to 2x225ml total capacity
      • Grinding bowls and grinding balls of several sizes and materials.
      • Tool steel dies for ECAE and ODP processes, provided with internal heating system.
      • Sieve shaker and sieves with different spacing.
    Pulverisette 4 mill inside, with two grinding bowls
    Die for ECAE, opened for inside view.

    ODP: sample under processing between the two halves of the die
  • Several furnaces for heat treatment are available at ICMATE Lecco, allowing for recovery, recrystallization, annealing and other treatments up to 1800°C. These furnaces can be used for the necessary intermediate annealing during hot and cold working of metals, but also for specific purposes such as homogenization treatments. Treatments under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere are also possible.

      • Chamber furnaces for heat treatment up to 1200°C
      • Centorr High temperature furnace, for vacuum heat treatment with temperature up to 1800°C
      • Tube furnaces for heat treatment under vacuum or protective atmosphere up to 1200°C
      • Continuous heat treatment system for wires and film, temperature up to 600°C
    Centorr heat treatment furnace for treatments up to 1800°C
    Tubular furnace for heat treatment under vacuum. Quartz tube.