The laboratory is dedicated to R&D in radiopharmaceutical field and, in detail, in synthesis and characterization of radiolabelled molecules for pharmaceutical applications.
Specifically, the instrument equipment and the ministerial authorizations, currently allow the preparation, the quality control and the in-vitro study (with special care to physico-chemical properties and stability assessment in biological media) of Technetium99m-based complexes.
The laboratory facilities also allow radio-complexes vs cells and tissues interaction (cells and tissues need to be prepared in authorized laboratories).

HPLC analysis Beckman System Gold
Gamma Counter Cobra II Packard Meridien

Perkin Elmer Cyclone Storage Phosphor System
HPLC Dionex Ultimate 3000 Thermo Scientific Germany
    • Beckman System Gold HPLC chromatograph (Beckman USA) equipped with UV detector module 166 and radio-detector model B-FC-3200 Bioscan.
      The apparatus allows the chromatographic analysis of radiolabelled compounds.
    • Dionex Ultimate 3000 HLPC chromatograph (Thermo Scientific Germany) equipped with adjustable wavelength UV detector and radio-detector GABI Raytest.
      The HPLC is controlled by up to date Chromaleon software thus allowing detailed data processing
    • Cyclone Storage Phosphor System (Perkin Elmer). The instrument allows the auto-radiograph with no employment of photographic plates. It operates by means of flexible phosphor screens able to catch and store the sample radioactivity. The collected data are then processed and showed as a digital image by the OptiQuant software. The Cyclone can be used, as an example, as detecting tool in paper-, thin-layer- and instant thin-layer-chromatography, in gel-electrophoresis and in blot analysis, etc.
    • Gamma Counter Cobra II (Packard Meridien). The instrument quantifies the gamma radioactivity emitted by the investigated samples by means of a sodium iodide crystal scintillation detector.