In the global market, as in the Italian scenario, the key to the survival and development of enterprises is the technological innovation, that allows moving towards new goals in terms of process and products, allowing the renewal of industrial structures and the identification of new technological developments and market areas.

Innovation is often originated from an intuition, but the path from intuition to the discovery and to its applications is not easy and immediate: research is the basis of an effective and concrete innovative process.

Research, in fact, allows the enterprises to have tools and knowledge to identify technological innovations and possible applications, thus having possibilities otherwise inaccessible, especially for small companies.

This key role of research is also recognized by various political realities, which have established specific registers that attest the industrial research and technology transfer capabilities.

ICMATE obtained for example in Lombardy accreditation from QuESTIO, Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity, which is the instrument implemented by the Lombardy Region to give visibility to the multiplicity of structures operating in the area and to the services they provided to support research and technological innovation.

The ethical principles of the staff of the CNR research institutes are set out in Decree of the President of the Republic 16 April 2013, n. 62:

The management of intellectual property rights for the results of the activities of ICMATE on behalf of the client is established according to the CNR policy.

ICMATE, in order to support companies along paths aimed at technological innovation, provides the following tools: