In technology transfer, ICMATE has consolidated expertise and structures that can be available for joint projects with companies in the advanced manufacturing, in various sectors including metals and inorganic materials, coatings, nanostructured materials for catalysis and for various energy applications, as well as compounds and materials for medicine or for radiochemical applications. The skills go from the development of the synthesis and production processes to the supply of prototypes and functional components.

The application areas are various, as materials for applications in the energy sector, ranging from renewable energies, to thermoelectric, systems for energy efficiency, gas turbine materials, materials for thermonuclear fusion, protective and self-healing films for the protection of cultural heritage or for protection to corrosion, molecular nanosystems for medical applications and so on.

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In these fields, ICMATE, as an interface with industrial companies, provides technical and scientific skills and appropriate solutions for research projects and consulting activities in the development of products, processes and new technologies.