Dr. Prem Lobo

National Research Council Canada

CNR-ICMATE Milano  -  3 settembre 2019  -  ore 10:30
Sala Q2 P1 20

Black carbon (BC) emissions from transportation sources, generated as by-products of incomplete combustion, are important pollutants in the urban environment. BC particles are intrinsically light absorbing, and their presence in the atmosphere induces positive radiative forcing and warms the climate. However, BC is a short-lived climate pollutant, and reducing source emissions offers the opportunity for immediate term climate benefits in stark contrast to the challenges of CO2 mitigation. Additionally, there are substantial concerns about the negative effect of combustion generated BC particles on public health. Recent studies have focussed on the measurement and characterization of BC emissions from mobiles sources such as aircraft and marine engines. The characteristics of these emissions are distinct from other urban sources, and have been shown to vary with fuel composition and engine loads. BC emission mitigation strategies through the use of alternative, cleaner burning fuels are also being investigated. A summary of recent measurements to characterize the BC emissions from aircraft and marine engines will be presented. The results of these studies will inform the development of a standard sampling protocol and measurement methodology for BC emissions characterization. The development of a new regulatory standard for emissions from civil aviation aircraft engines will also be discussed.


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