Buscaglia Maria Teresa

1st Researcher

Genoa unit
+39 010 647 5706


Master degree in Industrial Chemistry and PhD in Chemistry for Engineering, Senior Researcher in ICMATE in the field of Chemistry and Technologies of Materials, ERC sectors PE5_6 “New materials: oxides, alloys, composites, organic-inorganic hybrids, nanoparticles” and PE11_9 ” Nanomaterials Engineering”.

The scientific activity has been developing for more than 25 years in the field of functional ceramic materials and particularly concerns the synthesis/design of (nano)powders and the preparation of ceramic and composite materials with peculiar characteristics and innovative properties, through (i) the optimization of the synthesis and functionalization methods, (ii) the design of complex architectures, (iii) the use of targeted processing techniques. The aim is the fabrication of smart materials with high performance and properties that can be modulated by external stimuli, which find widespread applications in various fields, for example as electronic devices for energy harvesting and storage, nanoprobes for biomedical imaging, photocatalytic filters for air/water purification.

In that regard she holds roles of responsibility and has participations in various European and national research projects and international agreements, as well as numerous scientific collaborations with different Institutions and highly qualified research groups.

Author or co-author of over 140 publications in ISI journals and internationally refereed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. Co-inventor of 1 international patent and 1 Italian patent. H-INDEX: 44; Times Cited: 7020.