#Meet Maria Losurdo!  Chemist, researcher, coordinator of several EU projects on nanomaterials, optronics and plasmonics, Maria (on the right) is the Director of the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy @cnr_icmate. She is part of the Horizon Europe EIC-Women Leadership Programme. In this picture Maria is planning the activities for the Horizon Europe Project Net4Air with Carmen Moldovan (left) Director of IMT (Romania), widening participation and spreading excellence in the field of air quality monitoring, paving the way for the engagement of women in deep-tech.

#Meet Maria Teresa Buscaglia! I’m a Senior Researcher at ICMATE-CNR working on the synthesis of advanced functional oxides and the fabrication of ceramic and composite materials for electronics and energy applications. I find particularly fascinating the control of the shape and size of particles, the modification of surface properties and the design of complex architectures. Be enthusiastic and passionate in providing innovative insights towards new and ever greater goals!

#Meet Giovanna Canu! She is a researcher at ICMATE, designing and studying ceramic materials for… electronics! She sees herself as a kind of “tailor”, optimizing material composition, structure and thus properties to “suit” each specific application – in particular for storing energy or also harvesting it from the environment, for a more sustainable energy production.

#Meet Francesca Cirisano! She is a researcher at ICMATE, where she designs and develops superhydrophobic and amphiphobic coatings with application as antifouling and anticorrosion in the marine environment and to solarpanels. Furthermore, she works on low wettability coatings to culturing 3D cell aggregates for invitro experimentation application.

#Meet Laura Crociani! She works as a chemical scientist at ICMATE: she has a long experience in the synthesis and characterization of inorganic and metallorganic complexes of both transition and not transition metals with application in the field of the study of electronic communication in multimetalliccomplexes, chemicalvapordeposition, energetics, olefinoligomerization and electrocatalysis.

#Meet Naida El Habra! She is a researcher at ICMATE-CNR in Padova.  She works on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured thin films deposited by Chemical Vapor Deposition techniques for biomedical, photocatalytic, and protective applications. Her expertise on material and surface characterization is mainly focused on high-resolution X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy.

#Meet Chiara Bregoli! I am research fellow at CNR-ICMATE and I am a PhD student in Mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano. I am a biomedical engineer and I work on the research and development of medical devices realized in additive manufacturing technology, with a special focus on patient-matched implants design.

#Meet Alessia Famengo! She is a chemist and she work at CNR-ICMATE on materials engineering for energetics and biomedical applications, and on the recovery and valorization of biomass wastes. She is involved in the communication and dissemination activities of ICMATE-CNR

#Meet Monica Favaro! She supports researchers to have their brilliant ideas funded, especially those aiming at ERC grants and provides expertise in research management to her CNR home Institute ICMATE, to the CNR Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technologies (DSCTM) and to the CNR office for European Relations.

#Meet Sabrina Presto.  She is a researcher and studies materials and processes for clean energy. She believes science (and scientists) must meet people and dialogue with other disciplines for a sustainable development. Every day, she engages to break down gender biases and inequities in science and life.

#Meet Francesca Ravera! She’s a senior researcher at ICMATE, working on complex layers and nanostructures at interfaces, soft materials, emulsions, foams and solid foams. Involved in many international projects and networks, enjoying basic science, applications and supervision of young researchers, Francesca develops models and experimental methods also for space labs and space exploration.

#Meet Francesca Visentin! She is a researcher at ICMATE-CNR of Padova. She works on the deposition and characterization of inorganic thin films by using chemical vapor deposition techniques for different applications (biomedical devices, photocatalysis, protective coatings, self-cleaning materials, etc.).

#Meet Sofia Gambaro! She is a researcher at ICMATE-Genova, studies the behaviour of liquid metals and alloys in contact with ceramic or metallic solid substrates. She applies the CALPHAD method to these studies with the aim to predict and define the best operating parameters to be used for the production of composites materials or joints for several applications (es. aerospace, biomedical ones). She collaborates with Laval University, Laboratory for Biomaterials and Bioengineering (Québec, Canada), where she performed a 2-years post-doc.

#Meet Lucia Zanetti! I’m a molecular science PhD student at University of Padova, associated with CNR ICMATE. I’ve always been fascinated by the role of chemistry in countering climate change and my project lies with the valorization of waste as a source of sustainable energy. In particular, I’m working on the development of materials for hydrogen production from the degradation of pollutants