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M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering and Ph.D. in Study and Preservation of Archaeological and Architectural Heritage at the University of Padova, Italy. Licensed engineer in Italy since 2007.
Enrolled since 2022 at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR, ICMATE Institute) as a Researcher working on the development of innovative and sustainable construction materials, with a focus on geopolymer/alkali-activated binders and recycling of construction and demolition waste, and collaborating to the design and appraisal of non-structural building components.
Other interests involve experimental (both in laboratory and on-site) and analytical activities related to historical masonry structures, as well as strengthening materials and techniques, especially based on composite materials (FRP, TRM/FRCM, CRM, FRGP, etc.).
Former member of RILEM TC 223-MSC and 250-CSM, and peer reviewer for several journals published by Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, ASCE, Springer and MDPI.
Formerly responsible for northern Italian regions in a joint activity between Consortium ReLUIS and Italian Dept. of Civil Protection (2014-2016). Post-earthquake voluntary technician in Abruzzo (2009-10), Emilia (2012-13) and Central Italy (2016). Contributor since 2006 in several National and European projects.
Occasional lecturer and collaborator in graduation courses at the University of Padua and the Nat. Advanced School of Public Works in Yaoundé, Cameroon (2014-2017), and within the Erasmus Mundus Master course SAHC (2008-2015).