Ranucci Tullio


Milan unit
+39 02 6617 3401


Laboratory technician at the Milan unit since 1988.

From 1998 to present – Activity: materials testing laboratory. Responsibilities: management of servo-hydraulic material testing machines. Preparation and conduction of high temperature fatigue, oligocyclic and thermo-mechanical tests on metallic materials.

From 1988 to 1998 – Activities: laboratory testing of shape memory materials. NiTi-NiTiCu alloys. Responsibilities: management of servo-hydraulic and servo-electric material testing machines for tensile tests also on wires in the -90 to +110 °C temperature range. Additional duties: Fatigue tests for the evaluation of fretting corrosion on modular hip prostheses. Rotating bending fatigue tests.
Specialised in high temperature oligocyclic and thermomechanical fatigue tests on alloys for industrial applications.