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Graduated in 2007 at the University of Padua in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, he worked as a Pharmacist in Vicenza until 2009.

He obtained the PhD in Molecular Sciences in 2012 at the University of Padua, focusing his research project on the synthesis and the biological evaluation of technetium(III)-based complexes as potential radiopharmaceuticals.

In 2010 he spent a period at Harvard Medical School (Department of Radiology) in Boston (MA) doing research in the field of technetium/rhenium coordination chemistry applied on the development of potential radiopharmaceuticals.

From 2012 to 2018 he has been a Post Doc Fellow at University of Padua and IENI-CNR, developing perfusive and target specific radiopharmaceuticals based on technetium-99m, rhenium-188 and copper-64/67.

From 2018 to early 2022 he has been teaching Science in Vicenza at ISS Boscardin, LS Fogazzaro, LS Pigafetta.

From February 2022 he is a Researcher at ICMATE-CNR. Here, he is focusing on the synthesis, the characterization, and the chemical/biological evaluation of radiometal complexes as potential radiodiagnostic/radiotherapeutic/radiotheranostic agents, and of cold metal complexes as potential chemotherapeutics. His activities include tutoring of undergraduate and PhD students and supporting PCTO for high school students. He also is a member of the examining board for the course of General and Inorganic Chemistry given by Prof. Dolmella (CTF and Pharmacy courses, UniPD), as a Subject Expert