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I am the scientific director of MARECO, the Polythematic Marine laboratory of ICMATE-CNR in Bonassola (SP), an infrastructure located 80 km east Genoa, on the Ligurian coastline of the Mediterranean sea, that is almost completely recovered after the damages caused by the 29th October 2018 intense sea storm. From drafting the project to overseeing the reconstruction, I have been involved in the last 5 years in various critical phases of the MARECO restoration process as a multi-purpose marine laboratory. As researcher, I have conducted mainly in MARECO activities in the field of materials for marine applications, fostering collaborations and projects with CNR and non-CNR scientific institutions, focusing on the behavior of metallic materials and protective coatings in different and challenging marine environments. Beyond materials science, my work has expanded into marine environmental sciences, covering several topics. In addition to fostering relationships between subject involved on the field of marine work area, along with mentoring activities, I have been engaged in outreach activities as part of the CNR’s third mission around the publication of the book ‘Wave Watching: the spectacle of sea storm in Liguria’. This activity concerns the meteo-marine phenomena in the Ligurian Sea and has been driven primarily by articles in print and online media, conferences, school indoor-outdoor lessons and television appearances.