Foto di Cirisano Francesca



Genoa unit


She graduated in 2013 at the University of Genoa in Chemical Sciences and in May of the same year she won a research fellow at CNR-IENI on the RITMARE project. Subsequently, still working as a fellow at CNR-IENI, she obtained her PhD in Sciences and Technologies of Chemistry and Materials in 2017 dealing with the preparation of superhydrophobic coatings for applications in the marine environment. After her PhD she continued to work at CNR-IENI as a research fellow on various projects, then in ICMATE-CNR, and finally obtained the position of permanent researcher in 2020. Her scientific interests are focused on the design and development of superhydrophobic and amphiphobic coatings starting from environmentally friendly materials, for application as anti-fouling and anti-corrosion in different field such as marine environment, solar panels and for medical purposes. In her work, in addition to conventional optical microscopy and tensiometry techniques, she uses 3D confocal optical interferometric profilometry for surface morphology characterization at nano-micro scale and for in vitro screening of cellular response to drug that represents a new frontier. In ICMATE she also plays an active role in the field of scientific dissemination and communication with activity for the schools such as “Festival della Scienza” and other events aimed at science dissemination.