Giuranno Donatella

1st Researcher

Genoa unit
+39 010 647 5724


Researcher at CNR-ICMATE, Genoa (Italy), since 2001. Ph.D. in Chemical Process Engineering and Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Genoa (Italy). Leader of the research line “Design of metal systems and composite materials for high temperature applications”. Her activity focuses on the design of advanced materials and their fabrication through the study of surface properties and wettability of liquid metals and alloys in contact with metallic and ceramic materials/refractories, interfacial phenomena, liquid and solid reactivity, surface oxidation and related thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic aspects, kinetic infiltration, corrosion by liquid metal, etc. By a H2020 MSCA-Cofund project, she spent one year (2018) at the Foundry Research Institute of Krakow (Poland) with the scope to optimize composites fabrication for highly demanding applications. Author of 110 articles with 1500 citations (h-index 23). She is co-supervisor of PhD and degree theses, as well as tutor for student internships. Guest Editor for MDPI magazines and serves as editor for Journal of Composites and Compounds and Synthesis and Sintering, as well as editor of several JCR journals. In addition, she is a CNR-member for the evaluation of industrial projects (MISE), as well as member of national and international panels for evaluating scientific proposals. In ICMATE she supports scientific dissemination and communication activities being member of the Communication Group.