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After his master degree in Electronic Engineering in 2015 from Politecnico di Milano, he has been working as a research fellow at CNR-ICMATE (Lecco) since May of the same year. He received his Ph.D. from Politecnico di Milano in 2023 with a thesis on the optimisation Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator integrated in a soft elastomeric system through matrix functionalisation and innovative control schemes. He holds a Researcher position since 2024.

He is part of a research group specialised in biomedical and sports applications of metallic and hybrid functional materials, and in the development of multimaterial structures and soft systems, particularly for wearable and medical devices. His multidisciplinary training allows him to connect various aspects of the group’s topics of interest, taking care also of the design of electronic boards and automatic control systems for actuators, the development and use of inertial sensors for motion analysis, and the study and the integration of various types of functional materials into multimaterial devices.

He deals with the sensorisation of various types of devices and the analysis of biomedical data, as well as the development and integration of advanced algorithms within smart-material-based devices for neurorehabilitation applications. He is responsible for the design and laboratory testing of various prototypes of biosensors and biorobotic devices. Finally, he manages the entry of the devices into the clinic and personally supervises clinical tests conducted on the devices.

He has taken part in several research projects about the use of functional materials for orthotics and prosthetics, contributing to the design and fabrication of wearable sensorised devices employing materials with nonlinear properties (e.g. pseudoelastic alloys).

His research interests also include the design and optimisation strategies for integrally-soft systems combining various functional materials like shape memory alloys (SMA), elastomeric materials modified with various types of nanoparticles, and liquid metals.