Presto Sabrina


Genoa unit
Located at DICCA, Department of Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Genoa, Via all’Opera Pia 15, 16145, Genoa
+39 010 353 6025


Graduated in physics with a PhD in Materials Science and Technology, she has been a researcher at ICMATE (formerly IENI) since 2009. Since 2016 she has been working at the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA), University of Genoa, at MErgELab: the laboratory of materials and electrochemical processes for energy. 

She works on the synthesis, shaping and characterization (morphological and functional) of ceramic powders, for the production, storage and transformation of clean energy using solid oxide cells (SOFC and SOEC). 

With a master in journalism and institutional science communication, she combines her research activity with the science communication, interweaving environmental and climate crisis issues with gender issues in STEM disciplines. 

She designs scientific laboratories and gives seminars in events dedicated to spreading scientific culture for the public and promoting STEM subjects in schools. She holds training courses for teachers. 

She experiments with unconventional languages such as theater and storytelling to increase the effectiveness of science communication. 

She is part of the CNR interdepartmental working group “Nature, Research and Societywith the aim of engaging the CNR community to create a network of inter- and transdisciplinary discussion on science, society and politics and proposing shared research topics also through communication and training. 

She is part of the CNR gender equality team for Training and European perspectives activities. 

She is part of the working group for the  communication and dissemination of ICMATE research, being the contact person for the gender dimension subgroup.