Viviani Massimo

Research executive

Genoa unit
Located at DICCA, Department of Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Genoa, Via all’Opera Pia 15, 16145, Genoa
+39 010 353 6025


Massimo Viviani’s scientific activity has been entirely developed in the field of Materials Science, consistent with the educational path that began with a degree in Physics, continued with a specialization in Materials Science and Technology, and refined with a PhD in Chemistry for Engineering. In more than twenty years of activity he has carried out studies on different classes of materials (superconductors, steels, ceramics), using all main existing experimental techniques for the preparation and characterization of materials.

He conducts mentoring activities for dissertations, PhDs and international fellowships. He has taken scientific responsibility for the ICMATE (formerly IENI) operational unit in international (FP7, COST), national (PRIN, POR) and industrial projects.

Massimo Viviani is the author of about 160 papers published in ISI journals and many other publications in books and conference proceedings and is among the inventors of several patents related to the synthesis of ceramic pigments, innovative architectures for fuel cells, and chemical methods for the realization of electrode materials. He collaborates as a reviewer with several specialized journals and international bodies, such as ESF and FNS. From 2008 to 2013 he was a member of the Institute Council of IENI-CNR. Since 2017, he has been an FCS Industrial Project Evaluator of the MiSE. He is a member of the PNRR Working Group at the General Directorate of CNR.