Vazquez Gomez


Padua headquarter

+39 049 829 5870


Graduated in 2006 at the University of Padua in Materials Engineering with 110/110 cum laude, she obtained a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering in 2010, dealing with metallic nanoparticles and electrochemistry.

She has assisted numerous students and undergraduates in their internship period and has trained in the metallurgical sector thanks to doctoral schools and courses of the Italian Association of Metallurgy (AIM), in which she is today an active member of the Technical Committee of Tribology and Coatings.
After her PhD she worked for a year in the private sector dealing with industrial metrology and computed tomography applied to industrial materials and products.
Subsequently she joined the CNR, first in IENI-CNR as a research fellow, then in ICMATE-CNR, as a fixed-term researcher, and then finally obtained the position of permanent researcher in 2016.
Her current activity is in the materials sector for the energy and biomedical sectors. After having gained consolidated experience in the tribological and tribochemical fields, as well as in the related characterization techniques, you currently deal with tribology, surface mechanical and topological characterization and surface conversion methodologies, such as PVD film deposition and plasma treatments.
In ICMATE she also plays an active role in the field of scientific dissemination and communication, she is part of the Communication Group and is the designer and contact person of the institute website. She is also involved in training as a teacher on courses organized by AIM, co-supervisor of degree theses and tutor for student internships.