The seat carries out research and technology transfer in different areas of chemistry, materials and energetics




Research activity in Milan concerns the properties and technology of structural and functional materials, fluid dynamics, and diagnostics or reactive systems.


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ICMATE-Genoa has expertise in the fields of physical chemistry of interfaces and in the preparation of powders, ceramics and composites of functional oxides.


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ICMATE-Lecco is one of the few centers in Italy able to operate in the secondary metallurgy of advanced metallic materials


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Editor’s choice in Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 48, 2021

Metal archaeological artefacts such as mail armour can be examined in numerous ways to extract information from the object. It can be assumed that, as textiles, different mail armours have different characteristics and behave accordingly and may have changed through time or geography. The behaviour and characteristics of mail armour depend substantially on the physical and mechanical properties of the mail fabric. These properties are contained within the archaeological remains and can still reveal important information on the characteristics of mail armour. However, none of current methods and techniques is able to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the mail garment in its entirety.
Actually, there are three challenges to overcome. First, archaeological artefacts must be treated with care and should preferably not be submitted to tests that can be harmful to their condition. Second, archaeological mail is usually fragmented, damaged or corroded. And lastly, there are currently no standards for physical and mechanical testing of mail.

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[Materials, IF=3.057] Special Issue: Functional Nanomaterials for a Better Life

Submissions are open for the Special Issue: Functional Nanomaterials for a Better Life [Materials, IF=3.057]
Please see the attachment.
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2021

The Guest Editors
Matteo Tonezzer
Davide Barreca

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Agreement for cooperation ICMATE - Laval University, Québec, Canada

A new agreement for cooperation between ICMATE and Laval University, Laboratory of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Québec city, Canada is now active.

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Process optimization is necessary for the design and development of materials with new performances and high functionality, able to operate under aggressive conditions such as those of the waste energy plants, the systems for solar cells, the fossil fuel systems or the innovative nuclear systems (subcritical reactors, Generation IV reactors).

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The research activity concerns the development and application of optical/spectroscopic techniques for chemical and morphological characterization of nanoparticles in aerosols.
The following techniques are currently used:

  • Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII)
  • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spettroscopy (LIBS)

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of metallic compounds of Technetium-99m and Rhenium-188 for theranostic applications in Nuclear Medicine
    Radiopharmaceuticals (RP) are drugs containing radioactive isotopes of certain elements, used in nuclear medicine for diagnosis and/or therapy. The systemic administration of 'target' specific RPs, which provides a specific distribution of the radionuclide to tumor sites is an interesting opportunity for the diagnosis and the therapy of tumors/metastases. The development of a 'target-specific' RP is conditioned by the availability of appropriate radionuclides, efficient labelling procedures that leaves unaltered the biological property of the native molecule and reliable targeting vector.
  • Copper (I) complexes as potential anticancer agents
    Since the discovery of the antitumor activity of cisplatin cis-[PtCl2(NH3)2] for the treatment of several human tumors, thousands of platinum and other metal–based compounds have been tested for their potential antitumor properties in the last 40 years. Aim of this search is to overcome the drawbacks of Pt(II) derivatives such low specificity, high toxicity and inherited and/or acquired drug resistance.

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