The seat carries out research and technology transfer in different areas of chemistry, materials and energetics




Research activity in Milan concerns the properties and technology of structural and functional materials, fluid dynamics, and diagnostics or reactive systems.


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ICMATE-Genoa has expertise in the fields of physical chemistry of interfaces and in the preparation of powders, ceramics and composites of functional oxides.


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ICMATE-Lecco is one of the few centers in Italy able to operate in the secondary metallurgy of advanced metallic materials


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An international team of researchers, coordinated by the University of Milan and with the collaboration of the ICMATE Institute, studied how the leaf of the carnivorous plant Drosera Capensis is able to bend when it is stimulated, for example, with a drop of milk. The interdisciplinary approach has combined biophysical studies with structural microscopy of the leaf, quantitative analysis of factors such as auxin involved in cell growth and computer simulations that allowed the creation of a metamaterial that encompasses all biological properties observed in the plant. This study, in addition to allowing the creation of a new metamaterial, led to the understanding of the mechanism used by the leaf to bend over the prey, correlating it to the structural properties of the cells that make up the leaf itself.

PNAS 2019, 116, 18777-18782
C. La Porta, M. C. Lionetti, S. Bonfanti, S. Milan, C. Ferrario, D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, M. Beretta, M. Hanifpour, U. Fascio, M. Ascagni, L. De Paola, Z. Budrikis, M. Schiavoni, E. Falletta, A. Caselli, O. Chepizhko, A. Tuissi, A. Vailati, S. Zapperi

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Agreement for cooperation ICMATE - AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

A new agreement for cooperation between ICMATE e AGH University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Foundry Engineering, Krakow, Poland is now active.

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Marco Musiani appointed Honorary Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry

Marco Musiani, research director at ICMATE CNR Padova, has been appointed Honorary Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) by the Executive Committee of the Society, which has approved a proposal of the seven ISE Presidents in charge from 2005 to 2018. ISE Honorary Members are appointed primarily in recognition of their contribution to the Society. The ISE By-Laws limit to ten their maximum number, at any time.

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Editor’s choice in Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 43, 2020

In the last decades the success of entertainment video game industry has given birth to new types of outputs in the field of cultural heritage, including serious games and some virtual museum applications (based on mixed reality, virtual reality, virtual worlds, etc.) that share the same infrastructure and core games technologies and use virtual reconstruction and engagement mechanism for edutainment and educational purposes.
Virtual reconstruction is a great didactic tool as it improves cognitive processes making the historical and archaeological data easily comprehensible to anyone; within a video game this potential is reinforced by the dynamics of storytelling, and learning-by-doing. However, the virtual reconstruction of the past imposes many limitations and great effort to ensure the consistency and reliability of the reconstructive hypothesis: historical accuracy and validation are the keywords that portray the virtual backgrounds made for applied VR games. Indeed, producing such products requires a tailored workflow and large effort in terms of time and professionals involved to guarantee such faithfulness.

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MErgELab combines expertise on Materials with Electrochemical skills aiming at optimized materials and devices for production, conversion and storage of Energy. As “physical room”, hosted at DICCA – UNIGE, in Via all’Opera Pia 15, MErgELab was established in 2016, thanks to a 15 years old fruitful collaboration between CNR-ICMATE and DICCA on these topics. MErgELab can perform all steps from powder synthesis to pre industrial scale up of devices for energy.

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The research activity of the group in Milan has been focusing in the field of high temperature alloys since the early ‘70 gaining an extensive experience in lifetime investigation involving creep, stress relaxation, low cycle and thermo-mechanical fatigue and crack propagation testing.

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  1. Study of environmental phenomena through radiochemical approach
  2. Studies of natural and artificial radionuclides mobility in the environment for their potential danger for man health or environment
  3. Development of radioanalytical methodologies and monitoring technologies

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